Simplification: The Babysitter down the street

As you all know finding a great babysitter is hard to find. One that you and your child loves. In addition we had the criteria that we wanted the person to live in the village and be able to walk to and from our house. At first try we found the best. Emily is 17 and the oldest of 3 girls who live down the street. Her parents run the Table' l'horlogue restaurant which is a 3 star michelen. The best if you are ever in town. She is wonderful, sweet, smart, and adores Zoe. She also has a dog and 2 rabbits that Zoe goes to visit. She reads to her in French as well as some English and helps her with her homework as well. Last week I was away on a business trip and she was helping out and offered to make dinner one night. Zoe-Pascale and Jean went into great detail how she whipped up this fabulous pasta with a simple but delicious sauce and a salad. Then for desert she took out two apples, peeled them, cooked them in water until they were soft. Heated up Nutella, which she poured over the warm apples and topped it off with whip cream. The two of them thought they went to heaven. - Zoe is hooked and hoping to learn how to cook great deserts from Emily.
Suzanne Saxe-Roux