Saxe-Roux's Dream French

On August 2, 2005 we arrived in St. Quentin-la Poterie, 30 KM west of Avignon in the Gard/ Languedoc region. Our home away from home for the next year. The town of St. Quentin welcomed us with open arms and wondered why we have arrived so late in the summer, usually expecting us in July. It seems that the first couple of weeks have been made up of recuperating from lack of sleep and rest for the past few months and just hanging around being as slow and lazy as possible. We arise between 9-10 and don't seem to move out of the house until afternoon by which time all the shops have closed for the lunch break until at least 2pm and sometimes 4pm. We've been busy organizing the office in the "cave" with tables, a dsl line and a printer. After 6 hours of laboring over technology we realized why we pay for systems expertise the big bucks. The DSL is up but the printer is still only printing color so we have found an expert in the nearby village who will come over to help us for 15 Euro an hour (a much better deal than what we were usually paying)!... Between organizing the house, a car, the bank, and a few other housekeeping items we are taking it easy and slow. Something that is easy to do and yet challenging for us personally still...Zoe-Pascale has decided that she is also going to be lazy and plays around the house in the mornings with her Polly Pockets and Barbies and loves to take a walk around the village in the evening to say hello to everyone who is hanging out on the stoep. Our friends Mary and Tom are here from England and we have begun to play cards with them quite often in the evening. Tonight we are playing UNO, a game Zoe-Pascale just learned and loves!Jean and I are doing fine and slowly, slowing down our bodies and minds when we aren't telling Zoe stories to keep her entertained. The month of August is challenging to meet friends her age as they are all on vacation. When school starts it should be easier.I'm going to try to figure out how to post some photos so you can get a sense for a few activities.
Suzanne Saxe-Roux