Romeo and Julia, A German Musical - 5 Stars

Romeo and JuliaSpeaking no German, I bought three tickets for us to attend the new German musical Romeo and Julia (name had been changed from Juliette to Julia). Before the musical we told Zo�-Pascale the story of the tragic love affair of Romeo and Juliette. As we were telling her the story we wondered if this was such a good idea to take her to the play with such a sad ending.The play was one of the best we have seen in years. If you like musicals you would love this one. The dancing, music, and singing were stupendous and the costumes were a fashion show themselves, with Romeo�s families and friends wearing blues and purples and Julia�s family wearing reds, oranges, and burgundies. The choreography was dynamic and vital and included the smallest of details throughout the performance. The sets were built with various platforms and allowed the performers to fill the stage both horizontally and vertically encouraging the eye to look everywhere and never get tired. At one point when Romeo was announced to be killed, Zo�-Pascale turned to me and said, �It�s too sad. I can�t tell you what is happening.� The tears came and she whimpered throughout the next scene until I could convince her it was just a story and Romeo would be okay. To see a child of 6 be so moved by the story, music, singing, and dance made us realize once again how close our children are to their true nature and how important it is to treasure their innocence.It confirmed at a new level how music and dancing are so universal and wonderful in any language!
Suzanne Saxe-Roux