Traveling with a Child

Traveling with a ChildFor those of you who are wanting to travel with children. Here are a few of our tips and tricks.Swimming Pool. Jean insisted that we only get a hotel with a pool (an indoor pool in the fall and winter). He was right. Every afternoon we would return to the hotel and take a swim and relax. This turned out to be great for everyone and a priority in picking a hotel if available.Collection. After a long discussion Zo�-Pascale settled on collecting certain things; a doll from the country and a patch (available in any tourist shop). She spent hours looking for the right doll that she could add to her collection with the budget we had given her.Train, Plane, Taxi, Boat. Our main source of entertainment was a notebook to write and draw in and colored pens. Jean would draw Zo� pictures of the local buildings, castles and scenery and she would color it for hours. This way she was building her own coloring book designed especially for her.Visiting castles, museums, abbeysZo�-Pascale was mesmerized with the audio tours available at most historic site. We found that when she had her audio tour she happily walked through the cathedral or castle listening to every word and we were able to do the same. Surprisingly this also translated to live tour guides. The key was to get up close and personal and make her feel like they were talking to her. She loved every minute and learned interesting tidbits such as; �Budapest is great, because you can live in Buda where the nicer homes are and work in Pest where the jobs are.�
Suzanne Saxe-Roux