Zo�-Pascale�s street cat- Sasha

Zo�-Pascale�s street cat- Sasha, trois pattes (three-feet)Zo�-Pascale has adopted the street cat that belongs to no one and is taken care of by everyone. Her name is Sasha-trois pattes, and she has 3 paws and one deformed paw from a car runover. She primarily lives across the street in the garage of a neighborly gentleman at night or sleeps on the hoods of cars in the daytime. Since I am allergic to cats, Jean thought this was the answer to Zo�-Pascale desire to have a cat. Initially, Zo�-Pascale was feeding him whenever he came to the gate (which was 3 times a day). Since then they have established a routine of putting out a bowl of food once a day and Sasha comes to visit and eats her dinner. She waits for Zo� when she gets back from school. Zo�-Pascale kneels down and has a chat with Sasha about her day and checks in with her to see if she is having a good day as well. She is enamored with the cat and continues to name all the cats in the village. There is Blackie, Stripey, Tiger, Grey Cat, and Cougar. On warm nights, Jean and Zo�-Pascale walk the village streets visiting all the cats and saying goodnight. �Bonne Nuit petite Chats!�

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Suzanne Saxe-Roux