Bonne Anniversaire Zoe-Pascale

Bonne Anniversaire -- Happy Birthday Zoe-Pascale - 6 Years Old.On October 16th, Zoe-Pascale turned 6 years old. Prior to leaving for France we celebrated an early birthday with her friends in Marin. Therefore Zoe decided to invite her new good friend Rose to go out for the day to Montpellier. Upon waking up on her birthday, singing Happy Birthday 10 times and having homemade crepes with Chantilly and opening her presents (a Barbie castle and horse and carriage) we drove off for our day in Montpellier (about 1.15 hr).Our first stop was the Olympic Piscine that was built for the 1992 Olympics. One huge swimming pool for lap swimming with 10 lanes across and a grand pool for les enfants with a toboggan (slide). Our friend Carrie was visiting at the time and came along to celebrate and see Montpellier. After swimming we went into the old village of Montpellier and had lunch (see pictures below) and rode the Carousel two times and then headed over to the movie theatre to see Wallace and Gromit (in french). It was a great day .. and then... Zoe-Pascale realized it was going to end and lost it so to speak. We let her know that her birthday would last 2 more weeks with a celebration at school and Granny and Partner coming to visit and celebrate with her. Since then she has been milking these two weeks for all she can get telling us "it's still my birthday."
Suzanne Saxe-Roux