A French Haircut and Highlight

This entry is dedicated to my good friend Kirsten, who said I had to show her my French haircuts.After much surveying, I decided to make an appointment at Esprit, the beauty salon in Uzes. A young woman asks me to sit down and we discussed how I would like to have my hair highlighted. She showed me a couple of colors and explained she would weave them together with the blond I wanted. Trusting her opinion, I let it go. Two hours later I walk out of the salon with a new French highlighted head of hair and a new cut. I then realized that this was the same highlight most of the mom's had at school. Scary! Just a bit more stripy. All the French fashion! The next time at school, as I look at many of the other mums, I realize we all look alike, as if we all had these funny mopped hair, in blond and golden and a slight reddish tint. C´┐Żest la vie! At least I'm in the fashionable circle!


Suzanne Saxe-Roux