10,000 hours to gain true expertise or perhaps to create the lifesytle you want 



Malcolm Gladwell talks about how success and true expertise is often found after 10,000 hours of practice. Bill Gates practiced over 10,000 hours on main frame computers before he began Microsoft. Tiger Woods hit over 10,000 golf balls, and famous writers often write over 10,000 pages before they ever get published. Anything great usually occurs after 10,000 hours of practice. A thousand hours a year for ten years.

Taking this idea into creating the lifestyle you want, we need to put in the footwork, put in the 10,000 hours it might take to create the life we want. If we focus on it everyday and do the footwork everyday we will get closer and closer to creating the life we want-- and in the meantime we get to enjoy the journey, the triumphs and the miracles we create along the way.