100 Best Blogs for Healthy Joyful Living

Happiness has been written about for centuries as something that we search for, hold onto, and easily misplace. Thich Nhat Hanh, the famous Buddist Monk writes,

“The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.”  Easy to do if you are a buddist monk!

To keep the idea alive and help you to find the happiness you desire we are providing you with a list of the Best Blogs on Healthy Joyful Living or what is often called Happiness.  Take a look at see if any appeal to you. Subscribe to their RSS feed and immerse yourself in ideas of healthy joyful living.


  1. Healthy Joyful Living: Our blog on all ideas related to living a healthy joyful life for you and your family. Read back archives for traveling and living in France.
  2. The Happiness Project: Here, author Gretchen Rubin shares her personal quest to find more happiness in her life.
  3. Happiness Blog: Visit this blog to get some secrets to a happy life from blogger Michele Moore.
  4. How of Happiness: Look at happiness from a psychological perspective on this blog.
  5. Powerfull Living: Learn new ways to pursue happiness and success in your life here.
  6. CheerfulLiving: This blog will teach you a myriad of ways to add happiness, cheer and joy to your life.
  7. Matthew Ferry: On this blog you'll find some great life-coaching tips that are designed to help you find more happiness and success.
  8. Good Life Blog: This blogger shares tips and ideas for living a happy life here.
  9. Radical Happiness: Read through this blog for ideas on how to get in touch with your spiritual side and live in the now.
  10. Feel Happy: From positive thinking to self-improvement, this blog is full of ideas on how to live happier.


These blogs offer advice on paring down your life to the essentials.

  1. My Simpler Life: On this blog, a simple-living educator shares her tips on leading a simpler life.
  2. Zen Habits: Learn how to pare down your life and focus on the things that truly matter on this popular blog.
  3. Remodeling This Life: Try out this blog for tips on clearing out your emotional clutter and living simply.
  4. Simpler Living: Check out this blog for ideas on living well with less.
  5. Modern Simplicity: On this site you'll learn how to live greener and use less.
  6. More Minimal: This blogger will teach you that living simpler is a great way to save the Earth.
  7. Frugal and Simple Living: Read through the posts here to get some great ideas on simplifying your life.
  8. Living a Simple Life: These bloggers wanted to live a simpler, more basic life and share their experiences here.
  9. Neat and Simple Living: Learn how to bring your clutter under control and simplify your daily life with help from blogger Ariane Benefit.
  10. SimpleLiving.com - Website with terrific newsletter on ideas for simple living


For many, getting more accomplished can be a big source of happiness. These blogs can help that happen.

  1. 43 Folders: Those who want to be more productive, especially in creative matters, will find all kinds of good pointers here.
  2. Dumb Little Man: This site isn't just great for productivity but for tips on all aspects of life as well.
  3. Steve Pavlina: This productivity guru is a great person to look to for advice on personal development.
  4. Simple Productivity: Here you'll find productivity ideas that stick to the basics.
  5. Productivity 501: Through this site you'll find posts on how to be more productive with everything from money to technology.
  6. Open Loops: Learn some great time management tips from this blogger.
  7. Thinking Faster: Read through this blog to get ideas on getting more done at home and at work.
  8. Black Belt Productivity: This classic productivity blog has been around for awhile, offering great advice on saving time and doing more.
  9. Learn This: Improve your life through the tips found on this blog.
  10. Productivity Cafe: Blogger and professional Susan Sabo offers help building your personal skills and putting them to best use here.


Learn how to become a better, happier person through the guidance of these sites.

  1. Someday Syndrome: This blog will help you learn to stop putting off your goals and start getting to them.
  2. Stratejoy: Gen Y women will find this blog all about creating more happiness and success especially helpful.
  3. Stepcase Lifehack: Improve yourself and your life with articles found on this site.
  4. Dimitar Nikolov: This blogger offers posts on all topics related to personal development and happiness.
  5. Marc and Angel Hack Life: From making the world a better place to making yourself happy, this site is a great resource for self-improvement inspiration.
  6. Personal Development Pro: Learn how to make yourself happier and more awesome through this blog.
  7. Life Optimizer: On this site you'll find a great collection of posts to help you grow personally and start living life to the fullest.
  8. Life Reboot: If you don't like where your life is now, read through this blog to get ideas on how to change it.
  9. You Already Know This Stuff: Here, you'll learn how to use what you already know to make a change in your life for the better.
  10. The Self-Improvement Blog: With articles on topics like confidence, starting over, goals, fitness and more, you'll find loads of self-improvement help here.


Use these blogs as motivation to change how you see the world.

  1. The Positivity Blog: Learn to see the positive aspects of your life with help from this blog.
  2. Greater Good: This blog is an interesting read on the psychology of positive thinking and doing good.
  3. Make It a Great Day: Choose to life each day in a good mood with help from this blog.
  4. Optimism Apps: This blog will teach you to start looking at the bright side of things.
  5. Persistence Unlimited: Giving up in the face of resistance isn't usually the path to happiness. This blog offers advice on facing obstacles and conquering goals.
  6. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Read this blog to learn how your thoughts may be making you unhappy or holding you back.
  7. Moment-to-Moment Optimism: Find new ways to be an optimist through the posts on this blog.
  8. Illuminated Mind: Here you'll get tips on finding passion, fulfilling potential and more.
  9. Self-Help Daily: Learn how to be your own best friend when it comes to changing your life and your attitudes on this blog.
  10. Away.com Travel Blog - Open your eyes to the adventures of travel and another way of seeing the world -- through being a traveler.


Make sure you have the right balance of work and fun in your life with help from these bloggers.

  1. Quest for Balance: This blogger posts on a range of topics related to finding balance in everyday life.
  2. Simply Enough: Learn how to give back to the world in proportion to what you have through this blog.
  3. Experiments in Lifestyle Design: This blog by Tim Ferris will teach you how to work less and play more.
  4. Urban Monk: Create a more balanced environment in your life and find bliss and love with help from this blog.
  5. Soul Meets World: Empower yourself and find the balance you've been seeking here.
  6. Pursuing a Balanced Life: This blogger shares his experiences trying to live a more balanced life.
  7. Healthy Joyful Living: Read through this blog for ideas on living happier and healthier.
  8. One Balanced Life: Share in the personal experiences of this blogger as she attempts to live a more intentioned and balanced life.
  9. Wheel of Life: These bloggers want to help you achieve a balance of all aspects of your life.
  10. Living a Balanced Life: Ideas and questions to help you stay in balance.


Humans are social animals and connecting with others is a big part of what makes us happy. Learn to be better in your friendships, relationships and even at work with these sites.

  1. Communication Nation: Gain valuable insights on improving your communication skills here.
  2. Parent Hacks: Those who are parents can find interesting articles on becoming a better parent on this blog.
  3. Kinsey Confidential: Read this blog to get advice on all things relationship and sex related.
  4. Mira Kirschenbaum: This licensed therapist shares her insights on relationships here.
  5. David Wygant: If you're floundering on the dating scene, this blog may offer the help you need.
  6. Marriage Counseling Blog: This blog shows that there's no shame in trying to talk out your issues in counseling.
  7. The Friendship Blog: Irene S. Levine, PhD, shares her tips on mending broken friendships on this blog.
  8. Love and Relationship Advice Blog: On this site you'll find tips that can help make your love last.
  9. Marriage Secrets: Get ideas on how to spice up and improve your marriage here.
  10. The Relationships Blog. Great ideas on everything related to relationships and marriage.


It's hard to feel good mentally when you don't feel good physically. These blogs offer advice on tuning up your body and steps you can take to live healthier.

  1. Everyday Athlete: No matter your level of fitness, you can learn to move with purpose on this blog.
  2. Laughing Yogini: Learn more about yoga and doing it to improve both your mind and body here.
  3. Out of Bounds: Give your thoughts a nice place to call home with this blog focusing on brain health.
  4. Inspired Health and Happiness: You'll find great recipes and tips on living a healthier and more joyful life here.
  5. Dawn's Memories: From detoxing to skin care, this blog will show you how to take care of your whole body.
  6. Eat This!: Learn more about the foods you're putting into your body on this blog.
  7. Complete Running: Whether you're a new or veteran runner, this blog can help you learn how to get the most out of your exercise.
  8. Fit Buff: Get all kinds of tips on this blog that can help you whip your mind and body into shape.
  9. A Weight Lifted: If you'd like to lose a few pounds, this blog can show you how to do it the healthy way.
  10. Why FrenchWomen Don't Get Fat:

Life Coaches

Get a little expert advice on improving your life through these blogs.

  1. Tony Robbins' Blog: This renowned motivational speaker offers some great advice on getting your life in shape here.
  2. Coach TIA: Check out this coach's blog to learn how to take inspired action.
  3. Contemplate Life Coaching Blog: Marian Kerr offers her expertise on this blog.
  4. Lose the Excuses: On this site you'll find posts from coach Karyn Beach.
  5. Self Help Goddess: Learn how to help yourself with a little assistance from this blogger.
  6. Martha Beck: Use this site to find inspiration and advice on appreciating life.

Motivation and Inspiration

If you're in dire need of some get up and go these blogs can come to your rescue.

  1. Thinking Park: Ruminate on issues that can have a big impact on your personal happiness here.
  2. Inspiration and Motivation Blog: Find all kinds of helpful inspirational articles on this blog.
  3. Goals Success: Learn how to set, and follow through with, your goals with help from this site.
  4. Ricky Spears' Blog: On this blog, Ricky Spears offers readers ideas on how to get where they want to be.
  5. Motivational Speaker: Craig Harper: Get motivated with the advice of Craig Harper on this blog.
  6. Pick the Brain: This site will help you master your mind and find new ways to move forward.
  7. Motivational Memo: Peter James Sinclair offers motivational messages on this blog.
  8. Jerry Kennedy's Motivation 101: Read through this site to learn how to kick your butt into gear.
  9. Modern Motivation: This blog will show you how to make the most of your time, set goals and more.

Career and Money

While money may not be able to buy happiness, it sure doesn't hurt to have a little. These blogs will teach you how to improve your net worth and find greater happiness at the job you do to earn that money.

  1. Get Rich Slowly: Learn how to take your financial future slow and steady for the best results on this blog.
  2. The Daily Mind: On this site you can get advice drawn from Eastern philosophy on how to make work more meaningful.
  3. The Simple Dollar: Get financial advice that doesn't require a degree in finance here.
  4. Wise Bread: This blog will teach you to spend and save wisely.
  5. Lazy Way to Success: Read this blog for ideas on how to make your work go further so you have to do less of it.
  6. The Daily Saint: Explore the spiritual side of work on this blog.
  7. Ian's Messy Desk: Learn how to get the most out of your time with help from this blogger.
  8. Chief Happiness Officer: This blogger aims to show that the workplace can actually be a happy place.
  9. Personal Money Store - Interesting posts on everything about money
  10. Free Money Finance: On this blog you can get ideas on how to manage and grow your net worth

If this feels a bit overwhelming, take a blog a week and see if you like it. If so, suscribe and use some of the ideas they talk about. Reading is one thing, but putting into action is what truly will bring you happiness.

Adapted from: nursepractitioner.org