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Sacrées Sorcières par Roald Dahl (in French)

Sacrées Sorcières par Roald Dahl  


 Dans se livre, un petit garçon qui s’appelle Max, a une grand-mère fabuleuse qui connait les secrets des sorcières. Elle lui apprend tout sur les sorcières. La première fois qu'il les a renconté il était sain et sauf. Mais la deuxième fois, il a vu la Grandissime sorcière dans son hôtel de vacances et elle l’a changé dans une souris! Est ce qu'il peut sauver le monde des sorcières sans être mort lui même?Zoé-Pascale Roux

This book is terrific in English too!



Lost Worlds by John Howe

***** 5 STARS

This book is a collection of stories from around the world like Atlantis, Rapa Nui and Shambala... They are interesting and give you historical facts about the culture of the world. Its impressive and gives you ideas and insights on new things. Its incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this book because it brings you different aspects of life in diferent points of view if you like debating stuff you'll love this! Its a beautiful book! I love it!!!!!!!!!!



A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

***** 5 Stars  

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book which will be released January 2010. It is worth the wait!

It is a story about 3 children and a dad. Their lives are changed when their dad is about to finish building a time machine. Secret agents, spies, and evil henchman all want to steal the machine.

The problem began when dad asked the mom to change the code to the time machine and know when else knew the code. She soon gets killed and the dad only knows half of the code. The dad and his 3 kids move from place to place to escape the secret agents, spies, and evil henchman with the time machine.

All the three nice, friendly odor-free children make friends in a new town. The oldest boy finds a baseball agent who helps him get contracts. The second girl makes a friend in art class. The third boy makes friends with some boys who have a secret fort.

Then the danger arises. Secret agents find out where they are and go after them. There is adventure, danger, and some unlikely advise given.

At the end the dad finds the other half of the code and starts the time machine. The whole family hop into the time machine and off they go.

PS:Vikings here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't tell you about the next book but IT'S A WHOLE NOTHER STORY!



You will love this book if you like things that are a little bit different than normal.  It's a different type  kind of story as the narrator gives a little bit of advice to the characters and the readers as the book goes along. At one time he gives advice on tattoos for example. It is very funny and creative.

Mr. Cuthbert, I love your book.


Betrayal by Patricia Finney writing as Grace Cavendish

*** 3 Stars

 This book is about Grace Cavendish, maid of honor to queen Elizabeth I.                

Her friend lady Sarah is Kidnapped! Lady Grace follows them and finds out that there going aboard a

Galleon. She disguises as a boy but the boat leaves before she can get of!


There is drunken men, battles and more....... Not my favorite kind of book but Oh well not every book

can be your favorite.


 Not everything can be perfect in you're life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I liked this book because of it's history. I disliked it because it didn't have any imagination but it was

well written and they had awesome clothes!!!!!!!!!!




Children of the Lamp: the Cobra King of Kathmandu by P.B. Kerr

***** 5 Stars.


The book, Children of the Lamp: the Cobra King of Kathmandu, starts 12 years before the main story when the prime minister of England gets inhabited by djinn (a genie) and becomes crazy. The story continues when the Doctor comes see Uncle Nimrod, a powerful djinn in order for Uncle Nimrod to get the djinn out of the prime minister. The doctor sees Nimrod using his magical powers and the doctor becomes greedy.  

John and Phillipa Gaunt two twin djinn get an email from their djinn friend Dybbuk. He sends them an email saying that he is in mortal danger and needs help! A few weeks before Dybbuk was asked by his friend and his father to steal an air force baton. Inside the baton there are pictures by Michelangelo, Da Vinci and other famous painters and a company picture worth only $15,000.  The pictures were sold, but Dybbuk kept the company picture as a souvenir. A few days later Dybbuk found out that his friend and his father were killed in their home by king cobra snakes.


The twins meet an angel who gives them “elsewheres” which are exact twins of themselves that will dissipate in  501407407407407407407407 seconds. The number of seconds is called an Aeon.  John and Phillipa go out to find Dybbuk and the “elsewheres” take the place of them.  They meet Dybbuk at a castle that was his great aunts.  When Dybbuk went to the castle he found that the aunt’s butler was killed by a king cobra also. The twins with Dybbuk then took a whirlwind tornado to England.


In England they met Uncle Nimrod’s butler, Groanin who tells them that Uncle Nimrod left for India. They go after them on a whirlwind. When they got there they put the company picture in front of the fire and a letter appeared.  The letter helped them figured out that they had to go to Lucknow. Once they got there they found out that the doctor was now a disgusting holy man who tricked the children into finding a treasure. The doctor who was greedy made them prisoners and tried to become a djinn by using there blood .They were slowly dying. Then the doctor injected himself with the blood and he catches on fire and dies! Everyone goes home to New York on a whirlwind and find out that Dybbuk’s father wasn’t human but an evil djinn! They also find out that their mother left them to become the blue djinn of Babylon. A djinn who only obeys the cold rules of logic. Uncle Nimrod stays with them to helps the father and the butler Groanin because they are distressed.  John, Phillipa, Nimrod, Groanin, Dybbuk and the other characters wait until there next adventure comes up sooner than they expect that will save or destroys Djinnkind, of course.   

Every part of the book was exciting and I cannot choose one part. That is why it is so good. I will always remember that even when you are in the other side of the world and are in mortal danger, people will always help each other. I loved this book because it is very much like a world that always has good in it even in the worse of times. I learned in the worse part of your life, always good will triumph at the end. 

I highly recommend all the books in this series.