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  • Courage and Croissants, Inspiring Joyful Living



    Ever wonder how to bring the tranquility, balance and joie de vivre of a Provencal afternoon into your lifestyle?

    In their new book, Courage and Croissants, Suzanne Saxe-Roux and her husband, Jean Roux, tell you how.  Published today by St.-Rémy Press, Courage and Croissants shares the secrets the co-authors have discovered to reclaiming joy, creativity and family time while embracing a change of priorities and pace.

    Both a gripping memoir and a practical guidebook for anybody seeking a more healthful, joyous life.  

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    “This truly is a book about joy! It inspires all of us who haven’t quite found it –

     to think anew about what might be stopping us and why it still does!”
    --Beverly Kaye, CEO Career Systems International

  • Business Plan E-Workbook

    Business Plan E-Workbook  - Easy, Fun, and Interactive

    Follow a simple process to create a One Page Business Plan that provides your unique roadmap to achieve success as you define it. Using the interactive, illustrated E-Workbook you will easily answer questions, assess issues, make decisions, and create a practical, easy to use one-page business plan.  
    Use with the LIfestyle Planning E-Workbook and make sure your business and your life are going in the same direction.

    The Interactive Business Plan E-Workbook $19

  • Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook

    Lifestyle Plan E-Workbook

    New Self-Study Interactive Lifestyle Planning E-Book Available Now 
    Get your Lifestyle Planning E-Book and
    start creating the life you want to live.

    Easy to use directed guidebook that you can do alone, with a partner, or a coach. You will be amazed how you can create whatever you want once you decide what it is and focus on attracting it into your life. 

  • The Consultative Approach, Partnering for Results!

    The Consultative Approach, Partnering for Results! co-authored by Suzanne Saxe
    Leading book on the skills, tools, and processes for consulting with clients both internally and externally.  A must read for anyone who is providing a professional service and working with clients.

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