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Word of the Year

This year instead of having specific goals (although I have those too) I have chosen to pick a WORD to guide me. I shared this with friends and family and the discussions, laughter, and joking "Oh yes, that is you!" made it even more fun. Two weeks of deliberating, thinking about it, trying it on, and then deciding was difficult itself, but finally landing on the word for the year - it felt right. 

My husband and daughter also came up with their word and we have a family word. We painted signs, put them up, remind each other, and celebrate when it made a difference. 

So if you are having a hard time holding on to goals, try a WORD for the year and look at how it can guide you in so many ways. 

Drum roll please.... here is my word and all its applications!


Americans to forfeit $34.3 billion in vacation days

From one who loves vacations, I was shocked by this article from CNN Money. $34.3 billion in vacation days are forfeited every year. It is estimated that there is 226 million unused vacation days across the US according to an Expedia survey. On average, the American employed earn 14 vacation days per year but only take 12 days. Two days are left on the table for those who wish to claim it. 

Two days does not sound like a great deal, but this amount is conservatively calculated if the average full time worker across the US earns $39,416 per year that is $34.3 billion worth of time. 

Expedia reports, the reason that most people give for forfeiting the time is they can't afford to travel. The second most cited reason was, "lack of planning."  

The question, however, is given you don't have money to travel and given you don't want to plan, there is always the option to wake up on your vacation day and do whatever you feel like -- a true luxury and vacation in itself. 

 For many you still have a few weeks to take those 2 days you are leaving on the table. Give yourself the gift of all of your vacation days and go play for a day, even if it is in your own backyard.

PS. You can also give the time to a cause that you care about, if it is not your own health and well being.